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High Performance, Low Maintenance

Unmistakable window elegance that provides the great look of traditional windows without the maintenance.

At Simple Home Improvements, we understand quality and value when it comes to your most valuable asset—your home. Therefore, we’ve designed a number of different lines of windows to capture the great charm of more traditional looking windows and give you the options. Our double-contoured Narrowline exterior mainframe on our V-Class adds striking curb appeal to your home, while our exclusive mortised locks and wood-style coved trim around the glass creates the beauty and craftsmanship you deserve to enjoy. Our modern, sleek look of the Essential line give you a more uniform straight look.

Lift Your Home with Replacement Sash Windows

Your home is your most valuable asset, so Simple Home Improvement protects your investment through high-quality products and superior installment services. We offer a multitude of varieties to customers in New Jersey – including double-hung windows. Double-hung windows have two sashes that can move up and down, facilitating more airflow and making them easier to clean – inside and out. They’re charming and unique. They’re the spark missing from your home. Our company believes customers deserve options, variety, and freedom. Our willingness to offer double hung windows is a testament to our reputation for complete customer service.

Our Double Hung Vinyl Replacement Windows’ Benefits

Double-hung windows provide homeowners with a wealth of benefits. We are huge fans of the flexibility and attractiveness of this window style. They come in numerous styles so that homeowners can use them in small kitchens and grand living rooms alike. We proudly sell and install Deflect™ and Simplex™ double hung vinyl replacement windows, the benefits of which include:

kitchen with windows
  • Ease of Use: Opening and closing our double-hung windows is a breeze. They feature a smartly-designed tilt-in feature, contoured lift rails, and an effective balance system. We want our customers to be able to open and close their windows easily.
  • Efficiency: Well-sealed windows are crucial to managing heating and cooling costs. Our products are designed with triple weather-stripping seals for peak efficiency. If your current windows are worn and cracked, double hung vinyl replacement windows will drive your energy bill down.
  • Curb Appeal: We use Narrowline double-contoured design on all our windows, amplifying your home’s curb appeal. The trim is narrower, which provides for more viewing area. Enjoy a cup of coffee and see more of your front or backyard.
  • Elegance: Each double-hung window contains coved interior glazing, which makes the glass look more upscale. In addition to the Narrow line design, this feature will improve home value. If you decide to sell at some point, these windows will be an attractive feature.
  • Security: We ensure your new windows keep intruders out by including a recessed pick-resistant lock. Safety is important. Investing in one of our double-hung windows is a great way to achieve security.
  • Longevity: Our windows feature timeless construction that makes them last a long time. They include extruded aluminum screen frames with aluminum corner reinforcements.

Our Double Hung Sash Window Combinations

Every house is different. Cape Cods feature smaller “cottage style” windows, while ranches might include bay or bow windows. We want to make sure our customers can achieve a stunning look, regardless of their home’s architectural style. We offer six primary window sizes:

Single Window

Single windows work anywhere in the house, from sun-splashed sunrooms to living rooms and bedrooms. Most homes have multiple places to install a single double-hung vinyl replacement window.

½ - ½ Combination

This combination squeezes two single-sized windows together for use in larger spaces. They’re a great addition to any great room or living room.

¼ - ½ - ¼ Combination

Many houses include a communal living area, such as a living room, with a large bay. Installing a double-hung window in this space is an excellent choice. This combination includes a larger middle section flanked by two small sections.

⅓ - ⅓ - ⅓ Combination

This combination is similar to the previous one, but it is configured differently. Instead of two ¼ windows on either side of a ½ window, the middle section is slightly smaller with two marginally larger flanking sections.

Bay Window

Bay windows protrude from the exterior of the house. If your home has one, consider yourself lucky. Bay windows are beautiful, but they require a great-looking window type to enhance them. A double-hung window is the right choice.

Bow Window

Bow windows are like bay windows, but they are larger. A set of double-hung windows will enhance their strong qualities while allowing a steady breeze to fill your home on colder days.


v-class glass windows

double hung window

Technical Specifications

  • Standard Glass: Deflect® Glass System
  • Standard Spacer: 7/8″ MaxEdge™ Warm Edge (except some decorative glass options)
  • Lock: Flush-mounted French lever, two on all windows over 26″ wide
  • Mainframe: Fusion Welded and Polyurethane Insulated
    • Jamb Depth: 3-1/4″
    • Sash Weld: Fusion
    • Sill Slope:
    • Weather-Stripping: Triple Mylar poly-fin seal
    • Interior Mainframe: Beveled
    • Glazing Beads: Coved
    • Balances: Self-tensioning block-and-tackle
    • Screen Frame: Extruded aluminum, half-screen standard (Optional Full-screen)

Why Choose Us?

When innovation meets artistry, great things happen. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our products and the workmanship that goes into them. Our windows won’t just give you an amazing new view–they’ll enhance the way you see the world around you.

Custom Designed & Crafted in the USA

Homegrown and handcrafted, from our family to yours.

From using responsibly sourced materials to recycling vinyl and aluminum scrap created by our manufacturing process, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make our products and processes as sustainable as possible.

Our Double Hung Window Customization Options

Not only do our double-hung windows come in numerous sizes, but they also deliver other customization options. For example, homeowners who want to create a rustic appearance can invest in wood double-hung windows. Those who want to maximize their energy-efficiency will enjoy our efficient window designs. Vinyl windows are the most popular choice. They offer a traditional style and are incredibly energy efficient. They are also affordable and come in numerous color options and price points.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Comprehensive coverage to ensure complete peace of mind.

Simple Home Improvements’ windows are expertly engineered and meticulously crafted to provide many years of reliable performance. However, if any part of your new windows does not live up to our quality standards, we’ll be happy to replace it.

Contact Simple Home Improvement for Renovation Help

Double-hung windows are perfect for homeowners who wish to have flexibility and attractiveness folded into the complete package. But we also offer a vast selection of windows at Simple Home Improvement, including slider, picture, casement, hopper, garden, bay, and bow windows. If you are in the middle of a complete home makeover, check out our selection of doors, siding, and roofing options. We pay as close attention to those aspects of our business as we do double-hung windows. Contact us today to begin your next exciting renovation project.

Let Simple Home Services Beautify Your Home!