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$1,000 Off Any Window Project

High-Quality Windows in Totowa, NJ

Simple Home Improvements believes in delivering secure, affordable replacement windows to New Jersey residents. We based our company on the core belief that no customer should be burdened with an overly-complex process or inferior products. Instead, we provide a streamlined customer experience and high-quality, Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)-certified windows with Simplex™ lineal. More importantly, each of our windows is built and sourced in the United States. They also carry an EnergyStar rating in all 50 states. With tightly-welded frames and sashes, you can be sure you’ll receive a set of windows with a perfect seal.

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Nine Unbeatable Benefits of Purchasing Brand-New Windows

There’s never a better time to replace your windows. No matter the season, replacement windows provide immense benefits to all who take the plunge. Simple Home Improvements is here to guide you through the process, including education on the benefits associated with replacing your windows. We always tell our customers to anticipate these positive impacts:

Better Energy-Efficiency

If your home is old, then you’re likely peering through single-pane glass to catch sight of the view from your house. Unfortunately, single-pane glass does a poor job of handling efficiency concerns. Have you ever touched your windows during a snowstorm and felt ice-cold glass? With double- or triple-pane glass, the window itself is more insulated and provides greater energy efficiency.

Reduced Noise

Windows serve an underrated function: noise control. Whether from construction crews down the road or due to the airport near your home, the outside world is always trying to worm its way into your home. Better windows equal quieter homes, as they feature tightly-manufactured sashes and frames, and the glass is thicker. The result is a more comfortable, peaceful home.

Better Protection

Over time, the sun's UV rays damage the furniture and other belongings in their home. If you want to avoid fading upholstery, then brand-new windows are a perfect way of doing so. Simple Home Improvements provide windows with advanced UV protection built into them. These enhanced protections safeguard your valuables and allow you to lift the curtains without worry.

No Need for Storm Windows

Storm windows only exist to protect weak single-hung windows from damage during thunderstorms. In upgrading to new windows, you can save yourself the time and hassle of installing your storm windows in the spring and taking them down in the fall. Simple Home Improvements understands how burdensome this chore is, and we’re here to remove it.

Say Goodbye to Leaks

Older windows aren’t as tightly sealed, which means they’re prone to let the outside world in. From bugs to weather, your new investment will keep them out. Inefficiency does more than create uncomfortable living conditions. It also causes higher energy bills because the HVAC system has to work harder to compensate.

Add Curb Appeal

Your home is an investment. Make good on it by installing great-looking windows. Simple Home Improvements stands behind the quality of our windows, both from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. You’d be amazed at the difference brand-new windows makes when viewing your house from the inside and outside.

Increase the Safety of Your Family

There are a few safety hazards associated with old windows. For instance, as they age, windows tend to be harder to open than they were when they were new. Brand-new windows slide up and down with ease, making them safer for everyone to open and close, including your children. Contact Simple Home Improvements today to view an assortment of demos.

Easier Maintenance

Cleaning your windows is now a breeze thanks to modern manufacturing and designs. For instance, we sell double-hung windows, which feature tilt-in sash designs. These design improvements remove the hassle of cleaning your windows from the outside. They are also cheaper to maintain, as the glass, framing, sashes, and more are made from more durable materials.

Increased Property Value

Think about how bystanders view your property. Are the edges of your window chipped, cracked, or warped? How about the glass itself? Increasing property value should be a primary concern for all homeowners, even if you don’t plan to move any time soon.

Contact Simple Home Improvements for New Windows

Simple Home Improvements provides homeowners with a comprehensive, customer-first approach to home improvement solutions. We sell high-quality windows to match our top-notch customer and installation service. More importantly, we do so transparently, and with our clients’ budgets in mind. In addition to installing brand-new windows, our team works with clients to add siding and doors to their homes. Adding new siding or installing a new door makes an enormous impact on your home’s ability to retain hot and cold air, as well as its appearance. To get started with Simple Home Improvements, contact us today.

Let Simple Home Services Beautify Your Home!