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$1,000 Off Any Roofing Project

home with wood siding

Residential Roofing Service in Totowa, NJ

If you’re in the market for a new roof, be sure to contact our roofing professionals here at Simple Home Improvements! As a locally-owned and -operated company, we only deliver the best services to our Totowa neighbors. A roof is arguably the most critical component of any home. Ensure the one above your family’s head is safe and sound, no matter the weather conditions. We’re here to help you every step of the way, answering any questions or concerns you may have so you can feel well informed about your investment. Learn more about our roofing services today and how our team has innovative solutions to protect your roof for the long-haul.

Protect Your Home the Right Way

As trusted roofers in the area, we understand that a roofing system is more than just the shingles. There are many layers to a roof that work together to keep you safe and sound within your structure. With so many years in the industry, we know better than to offer our customers mediocre solutions for their home improvement projects. Two of the high-quality roofing solutions we offer include Duration® shingles and SureNail® technology. Duration® shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated, specially formulated on a TruDefinition® color platform, and come with the superior holding power of Triple Layer Protection® SureNail® technology. Better yet, we follow the example of industry leaders, Owens Corning, to deliver the most innovative roofing solutions to New Jersey homeowners. With us, you won’t only get a roof; you’ll be gifted a total-protection roofing system! At Simple Home Improvements, our roofing systems are made to home in on three key areas. Your roof will:


We use various sealing components to help create a robust, water-proof barrier between your home and the elements. These include underlayment products that help block water from the roof deck and the implementation of preventative ice and water barriers. Sealing helps protect the roof from water damage, mold, and roof rot.


Your shingles can be vivid and beautiful while still serving as an effective first line of defense against the elements. We use Duration® shingles and SureNail® technology to ensure your roof is resistant to even the strongest winds. With our consistent, high-quality installation practices, we can guarantee all vulnerable areas of your roof will be well-protected.


Don’t let hot and humid summers get the best of your roof. The ventilation methods we use allows fresh air to make its way into your attic, so you don’t have to deal with potential mold issues or a deteriorating roofing system. And we’ll help keep this air circulating with proper exhaust ventilation practices.

Your Trusted Roofing Team

As a company that values honesty and integrity, we hope you’ll think of us when your home needs superior roofing solutions. Our dedicated team of professionals have years of hands-on experience, and we look forward to providing innovative ideas and suggestions tailored to your roofing installation. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Let Simple Home Services Beautify Your Home!