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Storm Door Installation in NJ

In areas throughout the Northeast, like New Jersey, it’s important to choose a quality storm door for your home. These doors do more than simply protect your entry door from harsh winter weather and summer storms. Homeowners can also choose from a number of performance features and styles to find the best options to complement their home and make it more efficient. Interested in outfitting your home with a high-quality storm door from Simple Home Improvements? Learn more about our replacement storm door installation services, and schedule a consultation for help deciding which options suit your needs.

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Why Do You Need a Storm Door?

Storm doors are important in areas that are prone to harsh winter weather, from snow to ice and hail. The storm door creates a barrier between the elements and your entry door, shielding it from moisture all year long. However, when properly installed, a storm door also provides a barrier against the cold thanks to the air pocket created between the outdoors and your entry door. Insulated designs offer an additional layer of defense between outdoor air temperatures and climate-controlled interiors.

At the same time, storm doors allow you to keep the entry door open in the warmer months to let natural light and fresh air inside. Glass panels make it easy to brighten the foyer with sunlight on pleasant days, while screened panels allow cool breezes to pass through without letting insects in. And because storm doors lock the same way an entry door can, there’s no need to worry about kids going outdoors unsupervised or guests inviting themselves inside unannounced.

Our Custom-Built Storm Doors

Simple Home Improvements installs the highest quality storm doors available to help New Jersey homeowners create more attractive, comfortable living environments. All of our doors are built with Heavy Z-Bar Woodpile seats and concealed 5-hinge Jamb Z-Bars for a precise fit. Double-strength safety glass helps guard against cracks and breakage, while weather-stripping and marine glazing, as well as a foam-filled insulated kickplate, offer an added layer of defense against the elements. Need more ventilation? Fiberglass screens keep pests away and offer a long-lasting design. Our storm doors are also available with a number of optional features to accommodate your needs. Beyond these performance features, you’ll also find a wide variety of styles to choose from. Our team will introduce you to all the available options, including a variety of glass panel choices, hardware finishes, and colors. French-door-style installation is also available to accommodate the layout of your entry doors.

Charcoal Aluminum Screens

These screens minimize glare and provide added strength to guard against damage.

Low-E Safety Glass

Just like your windows, storm doors are available with this specially coated glass. The coating keeps warm air inside during the winter and hot air out during the summer and helps reduce the amount of UV rays entering the glass panel.

Piano Hinge Expander Bucks

Expanders help ensure an optimal fit to avoid gaps and ensure full closure.

Titan Heat Vents

During the summer, heat can build up between your storm and entry doors. A Titan heat vent can be opened when temperatures rise to release hot air and closed during the winter to keep out the cold.

Replacement Storm Door Installation in Totowa, NJ

If you’re ready to replace an outdated storm door, the experienced team at Simple Home Improvements can help. Our expert technicians complete extensive training to earn Installation Masters® certification, ensuring they are up-to-date on the best techniques for storm door installation. To learn more, call 877-425-5518 to speak with a friendly representative. We’ll help you find the best storm door for your home and provide a free quote to get the installation process started. Need more information? Check out our customer reviews or contact us online today.

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