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If you’re like most people, you don’t spend much time thinking about your home’s soffits. The term soffit describes siding placed beneath the roof’s overhang. This siding protects your home’s rafters and adds a subtle touch of style when viewed from below. More importantly, soffits play an important role in protecting your home. Learn more about the soffit features that help protect and enhance your home with insights from Simple Home Improvements.

A Protective Barrier

Soffits conceal your home’s rafters, creating a polished appearance. However, vinyl siding does much more than making your home attractive. When left uncovered, wood rafter beams are constantly exposed to moisture, allowing the growth of mold and rot. Soffits ward off rain, snow, and sleet, safeguarding the roof’s structural integrity.

Soffits also keep water out of your attic when high winds can cause rain and snow to blow upwards and into the home’s eaves. Soffits create a barrier between your attic and this precipitation, preventing water damage that could extend throughout the attic and into your home’s interior.

Defense Against Pests

When the outdoor environment becomes unwelcoming, mice, squirrels, birds, and other critters seek a more comfortable place to make their home – your attic. Fortunately, soffits make it harder for pests to find their way inside. As an added line of defense, soffits installed by Simple Home Improvements feature perforations to stop insects from getting inside as well, keeping your home and your family safer.

Ventilation for a Healthier, More Comfortable Home

While closing off attic access is important for the defense of your home and roof, it’s also essential to avoid restricting airflow completely. The house needs to breathe, allowing air to pass freely from top to bottom. This helps maintain better indoor air quality and avoid attic overheating, which can result in sweltering temperatures throughout the home. Additionally, proper ventilation helps ensure that any moisture that does get into your attic can evaporate before rot or mold occurs.

Learn More About Soffits from Simple Home Improvements

Protect your home with quality soffits from Simple Home Improvements, Totowa, NJ’s siding experts. Our experienced team installs vinyl soffits that guard against rust, dents, peeling, and more with a striking wood panel design available in popular colors. Contact us online or call 877-425-5518 to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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