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Locked patio door

When shopping for new patio doors, you’ll have many options to choose from. Not sure what’s most important or how to make the final decision? At Simple Home Improvements, we suggest homeowners consider four main patio door features when making their selection. Here, we’ll break it down so you can choose with confidence.


No matter which patio doors you select, make sure they have a good DP (design pressure) rating. This is what tells you how durable the doors are and if they’re able to resist the force of impact from heavy rains and wind. The frames, structural components, and glass should all be built for maximum strength, so you don’t have to worry the next time a storm comes around.


It’s extremely important for a patio door to have the right security features. Otherwise, an intruder could easily break the glass or push the door off its tracks. At Simple Home Improvements, we utilize a host of advanced security measures to provide ultimate peace of mind for you and your family, including:

  • Two- or four-point locking systems
  • Obscure glass to reduce visibility inside
  • Heavy-duty screens that sit securely in an integral exterior screen track
  • Strong, welded frames
  • Aluminum reinforcement for superior durability

For many homeowners, style is a top consideration. While standard sliding glass doors always look beautiful, many models can be customized to better suit your home. Simple Home Improvements provides a large selection of custom interior/exterior colors, designer hardware, beveling options, sidelights, transoms, and more to add a personal touch. You can even customize the glass with glazes and grids.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that glass doors have a major effect on your heating and cooling costs? If you’re planning on getting new patio doors installed, choose an energy-efficient style. They’re made with insulated glass with either Low-E or Argon gas filled options. This helps prevent the outside air from affecting inside air, and vice versa. Airtight seals, thermal-efficient, multi-chambered frames, and heavy weather-stripping can also help. The more efficient your patio doors are, the more comfortable your home will feel.

Find the Best Patio Door Features for You

Now that you know more about the most important patio door features, it’s time to find one that’s right for your home. Browse the selection of heavy-duty sliding doors and French sliding doors available at Simple Home Improvements now, or contact us at 877-425-5518 for additional information.

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