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Casement Window With Flowers

Casement windows are a great way to add beauty and value to your home and enhance its security. But with so many different options for windows on the market, how can you be sure these windows are truly for you? Here, Simple Home Improvements breaks down some of the top benefits of casement windows to help you make a more informed decision. And with advantages in convenience, efficiency, and more, there’s a good chance you’ll opt for casement windows for your next home update.

1. Casement windows are easy to use.

We’ve all struggled with a window that won’t open due to swelling, warping, rust, corrosion, or rot. No matter the reason, choosing casement windows eliminates this hassle. Our 6000 Series casement windows, for example, come standard with easy-to-turn cranks built with an extra-tough design that withstands use and the elements. When you’re ready to let in a little fresh air, simply turn the crank.

2. Casement windows offer better ventilation.

Who doesn’t love a refreshing breeze? With casement windows, you’ll be able to make the most of every sunny day and avoid relying on air conditioning. Unlike most windows that leave half their length or width covered when open, casement windows open outward. This allows you to let in as much or as little ventilation as you’d like. The open glass pane can even help direct more air into your home, keeping you cooler. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy an unobstructed view.

3. Casement windows are energy efficient.

While windows vary based on construction and available insulation features, casement windows, in general, are highly efficient and can help maintain a comfortable home without raising utility bills. This is because when closed, casement windows press firmly against their sash. In fact, strong gusts of wind only hold the window tighter against the sash, ensuring cold air stays out. Additionally, our 6000 Series casement windows utilize a multichambered design for thermal efficiency and are available with foam insulation for extra defense against the cold.

Casement Window Replacement in Totowa, NJ

If you’ve always dreamed of adding beautiful casement windows to your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, call Simple Home Improvements today at 877-425-5518. Our helpful representatives can explain available options and customization choices to help you find the replacement windows best suited to your needs. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.

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