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Contractor Inspects Siding

Your home’s siding should provide lasting performance and maintain its good looks for years. Yet over time, you can expect that the elements, impacts, and other issues may create damage that will eventually require replacement of your siding. Not sure how to tell when replacement is needed? Simple Home Improvements suggests a few key signs that it’s the right time to invest in siding replacement.

What to Look For

Your home’s siding is meant to protect against moisture, strong winds, and extreme temperatures. It should also stand up to average wear and tear, like stray baseballs and bumps from your gardening equipment. Still, it’s important to inspect your siding for signs damage that shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice any of the following, contact a reputable siding contractor immediately:

  • Visible holes that allow moisture and insects to get inside
  • Peeling, cracks or chipping
  • Severe fading
  • Increased energy bills due to insufficient insulation
  • Bubbling
  • Warped, rotted, loose or cracked siding
  • Dry rot
  • The growth of mildew, fungus or mold
  • Missing siding

While some of these may appear to be minor flaws, they can quickly worsen and cause serious issues, including interior water damage and overall structural weakening. Even if you suspect a problem is simply cosmetic, it’s a wise idea to get it checked out.

Benefits of Siding Replacement

Too many homeowners put off siding replacement due to concerns about cost and other issues. However, there are many benefits to new vinyl siding that make your investment worthwhile. For instance, the most recent siding products offer improved weather protection, a larger selection of styles and colors, better energy efficiency, and less maintenance in the future. And while you might get by with minimal repairs, doing so can lead to further expenses down the road. In many cases, full replacement is more attractive and economical as well.

Trust Certified Installers

Is it time to replace your siding? If so, the certified installers at Simple Home Improvements offer the quality products and expertise needed to update your home with beautiful, durable vinyl siding. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote.

Let Simple Home Services Beautify Your Home!