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Room With Bay Windows

When it’s time to replace an existing window in your home, consider the style and versatility of a new bay window. Unlike traditional windows, bay windows are designed with a central window and two side windows, and they project outward from the side of the house for a unique, stylish look. Bay windows can be installed in virtually any room in your house, and bring a number of benefits to the functionality and appeal of your home as well.

The Best Places in Your Home to Install a Bay Window
Living Room

The living room is where family and friends come together, and the addition of a bay window to your living space makes it even more appealing with added natural light. Additionally, installing a bay window that faces the front of your property increases curb appeal and the value of your home. The stylish, open appearance of the bay window creates a modern look from the outside and aesthetic appeal from within.

In addition, the bay window serves as a versatile space for decorations and seating alike. Picture frames, plants, and other knickknacks on the window add character to the living room. Or, add a few pillows and a blanket for a great place to relax.

Kitchen or Dining Room

With breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to prepare, the kitchen is a room where people spend a significant amount of time. Make your cooking space look and feel larger with the addition of a new bay window. Whether placed above the sink or around the dining room table, a bay window helps open up the room, especially when it feels tight and narrow.


If your bedroom features a few windows, you may notice a lack of ventilation and light that creates a dreary appearance. A bay window is an ideal way to increase airflow and brighten a dark room, and it can also boost visual interest. Adding a large, attractive window gives any bedroom a boost of aesthetic appeal without the clutter that additional furniture and décor may bring.

Bay Windows in New Jersey

Enhance almost any room in your home with the addition of a new bay window. Simple Home Improvements is proud to offer a wide variety of bay window options, including customized windows specific to your needs. Contact us to learn more about the bay window styles we offer today.

Let Simple Home Services Beautify Your Home!