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Home After Simplex Window Installation

When it comes to choosing replacement windows, there’s no doubt you’ve done your research. There are a number of brands, styles, and options to choose from, but which is best for your home? At Simple Home Improvements, we’re proud to provide New Jersey homeowners with high-quality Simplex windows that offer durability, efficiency, and effortless style. Here, we’ll provide a brief overview to help you learn more about all these quality vinyl windows have to offer.

A Better Window Begins With a Better Frame

In many cases, homeowners assume that window glass is the most important consideration when choosing new windows. This isn’t necessarily the case, as the window’s frame has a serious impact on its performance.

Simplex windows are crafted with rugged vinyl frames to withstand cold winter temperatures and hot, sunny summers without shrinking, cracking, or warping. And thanks to an impact-resistant design, there’s no need to worry about dings and dents. Unlike wood frames, vinyl guards against rot and moisture damage, and it provides an excellent barrier against outside noise. Best of all, Simplex windows are available at an affordable price point, giving them a clear advantage over more expensive fiberglass options.

An Energy-Efficient Design

Simplex windows utilize embedded chambers to promote energy efficiency. These chambers help guard against thermal transmittance, the rate at which heat enters and leaves your home. When windows allow a high level of thermal transmittance, warm air can easily escape, resulting in reduced comfort and higher heating costs. In comparison, Simplex windows offer extremely low thermal transmittance, and each window provides more insulation than a foot of solid concrete, keeping HVAC costs low when the mercury drops.

A Beautiful Choice for Your Home

In addition to their functional benefits, Simplex windows are designed to improve your home’s appearance inside and out. Their low-profile design features smaller frames and a large glass area. This maximizes the amount of natural light that can pass through each window, brightening every room of your home.

You’ll also have a wide variety of style options to consider. Simple Home Improvements installs Simplex Windows in a number of styles, and homeowners can choose from eight attractive colors and a number of distinctive grid patterns to suit the look and feel of almost any house.

Simplex Window Installation in Totowa, NJ

To learn more about the benefits of Simplex windows, contact Simple Home Improvements today. We make home updates easy with high-quality windows, siding and doors, free in-home estimates, and professional service you can trust.

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